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This week a great new article was published by the BBC local democracy reporter Deborah Price.

Deborah’s articles are syndicated through lots of local newspaper websites and printed copies of newspapers including the Watford Observer, Hemel Gazette, St Albans advertiser and Herts Herts Live / Hertfordshire mercury papers/websites. 

Read Deborah’s latest article

Separately the Herts Live / Hertfordshire mercury yesterday published this well researched and objective article. The plans to give West Herts the hospitals it deserves – but it’s anything but  simple

Also this week, the Herts Advertiser published this article The article calls on St Albans district council to consider the site for a hospital to allow it to meet it’s targets for housing. 

The article also calls on the trust to properly consider the 4 alternate sites for a hospital. 
Helen Brown, deputy chief executive of WHHT, said: “We continue to share information about the appraisal process for the sites and will be holding another session with stakeholders in the coming weeks to explain this in more detail.

We would strongly suggest that the trusts own plans will not meet the tests of affordability and timeline for delivery too !

Andy Kilvington, Andy Batten, Steve Day, Adrian England and Peter Ingram

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