Does the £400m announced in October 2019 mean we can now get a new hospital on a green field site ?

Short answer – Maybe.

Longer answer -…… In our view, it depends on whether the trust and CCG can put together a fresh SOC and OBC that

  1. Uses land that is available and suitable
  2. Is part of a wider scheme that generates enough funding for the trust to build it
  3. Meets clinical requirements
  4. Has community support
  5. Retains local facilities close to the main towns

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said that the money was going to West Herts Hospital Trust NOT to Watford Hospital. But the Watford MP said it was going to Watford. Which is right ?

The prime minister said that the money was going to West Herts Hospital Trust. Watch the video below.

This was confirmed by MP Mike Penning in the house of commons the following day.

While MANY things are unclear due to the government’s position, it is NOT going to ignore the processes that are used to apply for and approve such a huge amount of money. (think political weasel words). So be assured, the politicking that is happening at present does NOT mean that it is a done deal.

If the campaign group is successful the CCG/trust will need to either re-do the work properly, and/or put new proposals out to the public.

In our view this does not automatically mean the previous SOC will be changed to consider building a new hospital on a greenfield site BUT it is a possibility.

In trying to build consensus amongst all of the stakeholders, we would urge everyone to consider whether the process was flawed and if it was to engage with us and other stakeholders more comprehensively to develop a solution that works for everyone across West Herts.