What might it look like ?

A patient-flow designed hospital has particular design characteristics which make it operationally and financially super-efficient, as well as able to give a fundamentally-improved patient experience.

Design Visualisation:

Centrally co-located world-class Diagnostics, including this imaging equipment

  • 6 MRI’s 4 wide -bore (2 with PET) plus 2 open
  • 4  CT scanners
  • 6 Fixed Ultrasounds

All part of a digitised Patient Record System and all working 24/7

Centrally co-located Operating Theatres (x18) directly above Diagnostics,

  • 2 Maternity
  • 2 Emergency
  • 3 Orthopaedic
  • 5 Day-case
  • 6 Multi-purpose
  • Robotic surgery equipment available in three theatres; all working 24/7

Easy Access – a welcoming Reception and patient information/support area, readily accessible from the free car park (on a greenfield site, out of town) with 2,500 parking spaces and hub public transport services.

This is the kind of thing we are looking for the NHS to achieve

We are a group of local people who passionately believe that there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop an excellent quality healthcare system locally. We believe it is realistic, and affordable to develop facilities that are up to standard, in locations that are accessible to all.

Clinical commissioning is, necessarily, led by Doctors and other Health Professionals. We are working to add a measure of grass-roots public input into local health infrastructure (buildings) commissioning, which partners sound, evidence-based clinical good practice with open engagement with the public, who, after all, are the customers here.

We need your help to make that happen !

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