What’s the difference between the New Hospital Campaign and HertsValleysHospital.co.uk ?

The New Hospital campaign is a project formed/managed/run by the Dacorum Hospital Action Group (DHAG). Members of the campaign include members of DHAG, and other organisations including the Dacorum Patients Group and other smaller groups and individuals who are not formally part of DHAG.

DHAG was formed in 1975 and has a long-established reputation for campaigning for Hemel Hempstead General Hospital and other services in the Dacorum area. In the last 15 years DHAG has seen a erosion of Hemel Hempstead Hospital and feels local voices simply aren’t being heard. To quote their website, “Things have moved on and DHAG now supports the idea to build a single super hospital that will properly serve the main towns in West Hertfordshire. Hence, 2016 sees the launch of the New Hospital Campaign.”

In contrast HertsValleysHospital.co.uk adopts a wholly constructive approach, trying to achieve consensus among the various towns, councils, organisations, health organisations and politicians.  HertsValleysHospital.co.uk attempts to represent the entire area covered by the administrative boundaries of the local CCG and trust. We are not based or linked to any one part of the HVCCG area – we have members and supporters in St Albans, Hertsmere, Watford, Three Rivers and Dacorum.

2 different groups with a shared goal. To achieve a best of breed centrally located hospital together with local facilities.