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We’re keen to keep people informed of our progress, the challenges faced to get a new centrally located hospital, and to explain what the system is that is used to manage healthcare here in West Hertfordshire.

So we’ve written several articles to provide you with our thoughts, facts and players ….. Take a look.

First up is an in depth article actually written by someone else. It discusses the opportunity to create beautiful hospitals.  It’s a great read with an even better report attached to the article. 

Next, should we protest or collaborate – discuss

Then the link between us and our beloved NHS followed by Is Watford Hospital really a Victorian hospital

You may have seen the prime minister talking about £400m being given to the trust. Was it really happening ??? Find out 

Read about how the NHS is helping hard working people

Worried about the climate emergency and how hospitals are a key part of it ? 

Want to know why there are 2 main campaign groups and what the differences are ?

What’s this judicial review all about ?

Got a thought for an article ? Get in touch and let us know.

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