HertsValleysHospital.co.uk and our beloved NHS

When it comes to loving the NHS, everybody talks the talk, some even walk the walk, but now it’s time to get on the bus.

Whenever there is frustration with the local hospital services, it’s never directed at the staff, and that’s absolutely right. Doctors, Nurses and the rest of the team are in their jobs and professions to support and treat people’s conditions, illnesses, infirmities, pregnancies, injuries and disabilities. Staff at Watford, St Albans and Hemel Hempstead are doing their best in buildings that are higgledy- piggledy, and on a site that is in a congested area of a town, a long way south of where – in St Albans and Hemel Hempstead – thousands and thousands of houses are about to be built, in the next 20 years.

HertsValleysHospital.co.uk has an absolute commitment to campaigning for and finding progress in building an NHS hospital for West Herts people.

The NHS tells us that a hospital designed for 500,000 plus people will help us to do that; the reason is that a well-functioning hospital needs to deploy all available staff in the most flexible way, on any given day.
 A hospital which employs people efficiently helps to improve patient-care, and means that staff can do more with the resources they have.
 A hospital that you can easily reach via public transport, useful whether you happen to be a regular visitor, an outpatient, or a staff member on 24/7 shift patterns.
 A hospital where sick and injured people can recover, surrounded by greenery – let’s be smart and use every therapeutic circumstance we can include in the plan!

An NHS acute hospital is complex, with lots of interconnected parts, but with the funding from the Treasury that the NHS needs to build it in the right place, it can happen, by 2028, which is sooner than the current SOC at Watford would be completed.

So let’s invest in the NHS, for the many, the 500,000+ of West Herts. HertsValleysHospital.co.uk

Fairer, Quicker, easier to build, easier to reach, Land available

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