Vaccination centre Staff & Volunteer thank you

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15th June 2021

A BIG thank you from the community goes to all of the volunteers, staff members, and security staff working at the local vaccination centres.

We know it has been tough working at the vaccine centres – in fact, we joined you. Just a small message to let you know that you are appreciated and we realise that you made a difference either as a volunteer, or as paid staff.

Because you care, can we ask a small favour ?

Please share this website with your family, friends and colleagues to spread our message.

West Hertfdordshire deserves better than the current plans the trust are putting forward

St Albans AND Hemel Hempstead will NOT allow more services to be concentrated in Watford.

We strongly urge the West Herts Hospital Trust, NHS England, Dept of Health, the health secretary and prime minister to re-consider the clear sites and encourage the building of a new hospital that everyone can get to. THIS IS NOT WATFORD.

We also want our local hospitals in Watford, St Albans and Hemel Hempstead to continue as local community facilities offering diagnostics, outpatients, long term recovery, mental health services, and MORE.

Visit this VERY active Facebook page NHS West Herts Hospital Support Group where our supporters get together to chat, share news and let everyone know that we will not just pack up and go home.

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