Local Hospitals – Your views needed

Right now, the local NHS are re-considering options for hospitals because of public pressure, and requests from their regulator NHS England & NHS Improvement.  [1]  [2]

They claim to be looking at new options including a new hospital between St Albans & Hemel Hempstead, but their previously unsuccessful proposal is still their “preferred way forward”. [3]

The problem is, they’ve admitted at recent public meetings [4] that there isn’t enough money to do both properly. [5]  All their current approach will achieve is delays because local communities will fight each other to protect what they have. That isn’t right.

They’ve also said they will only allow 4 members of the public to be involved in “behind closed doors discussions” and that community groups who represent local views can’t get involved. How can they see our vision if we’re not part of the dialogue. [6]

Our solution is better – By getting agreement across the whole of West Hertfordshire, we can unite everyone and get a centrally located, accessible, affordable hospital that works for everyone for BIG things, and use more local centres for smaller things.

A new Herts Valleys Hospital will shorten waiting lists which are currently resulting in the local NHS being fined because they are too high [7]. Building a new hospital will save money in the long term and can be built faster. Let’s tell them we want a hospital for EVERYONE in West Herts with local services and we want them to listen to us !

We don’t have long. So, will you complete our quick survey today? It’ll take less than a minute.

Your opinions should be based on the assumptions that a new, centrally located Main Hospital will cost no more to build, be much more efficient, operate to higher healthcare standards and be completed quicker than the very best option proposed by West Herts Hospital Trust.

[1] BBC link
West Hertfordshire: New hospital plan ‘back on the table’
Plans to build a new hospital for planned surgery in Hertfordshire are being looked at, a campaign group says. Herts Valleys Hospital said a facility on greenfield land was being considered after the NHS rejected expansion plans for St Albans and Hemel Hempstead hospitals.

[2] Healthier future link

[3] Watford observer link
Herts health bosses to host ‘public briefing sessions’ on new hospital plans
“However, the proposal to develop planned care on the St Albans and Hemel Hempstead hospital sites as set out in the original strategic outline case currently remains our preferred way forward.”

[4] Hemel today link
Hemel MP slams public meeting on ‘proposals’ for a new hospital

[5]  CCG link
“Indication from regulators that funding for main hospital site would be limited to figure of around £300m and would need to be phased.  Government funds still need to be repaid and those repayments must be affordable. In general Trusts can’t borrow a figure more than their annual turnover (£340m for WHHT)

[6] Email from Louise Manders Head of Programme Communications and Engagement – Your Care, Your Future Herts Valleys CCG

[7] Tring today link
West Herts Hospitals Trust set to be fined £500,000 a month because waiting times are too high