Adrian England


I’ve lived in Hemel for 23 yrs; before that I lived first in Hertsmere for 2 yrs and then Watford for 6 yrs.

I am married with three daughters, one step-daughter and a step-son. Since 2016 I have been an elected Borough Councillor for the ward where I live.

Business Experience:

30 years in marketing, agency and client side, including housing and property sectors, commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

Volunteer Experience

Member of Adeyfield Free Church and Lead organiser of Who Let The Dads Out play event from 2013.

What is your experience with the local NHS?

As a Borough Councillor I sit on the Health in Dacorum Committee.

What gets you passionate about HVH?

I’m a big believer in imaginative co-operation and finding solutions that keep doors open. Ideas that move us forward, rather than choosing between conventional fob-offs.

What is the biggest challenge to achieving Herts Valleys Hospital?

Building and maintaining a shared consensus at grassroots level while waiting patiently for the opportunity.