Jon Bishop


I’ve lived in the Watford / Harrow area for the vast majority of my 57 years, with just a few years spent away for work, and for the last 25 years I have lived in Chorleywood. I am married with 4 children, all of whom also live in Chorleywood

Business Experience

Whilst I am now largely retired, I have spent my career in accountancy and management consultancy, mainly working in senior positions for blue-chip financial services companies.

Volunteer Experience

I have been a volunteer in various ways for many years, in particular acting as Treasurer for voluntary organisations so as to best support them using my professional skills. I am heavily involved with the activities of the Chorleywood Residents Association, who also support the activities of HVH.

Experience of Local NHS

My experience of local NHS services is solely as a consumer for myself and my family. This has allowed me to see the real dedication of the front-line staff in all parts of the NHS and the battles that they have to deliver care against significant challenges with the infrastructure & resources they work with.

What Gets You Passionate about Herts Valleys Hospital

I am absolutely certain that there is a much better solution for the residents, community and healthcare staff  living and working in the West Hertfordshire area than the existing creaking infrastructure of the Watford General Hospital or trying to build a new hospital on the same site whilst still trying to run the acute hospital services for the area from that site.  Not just for my sake, but also for my children and local residents of my area, I am committed to getting the NHS establishment to undertake a proper, unbiased analysis of the needs and options for acute healthcare in West Hertfordshire which I am convinced will result in them having to deliver a new, state-of-the-art acute hospital, centrally located in the area.

What is the Biggest Challenge to Achieving Herts Valleys Hospital

Getting more people on the management committee for HVH, to ensure the vision is maintained.