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Your support is what we need !  It is really important that this “whole region” vision is open to people from all parts of West Herts.

We need to prove strong community support throughout West Herts. – and we need people to help with loads of things.

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Help every now and then ?

Perhaps you can go one step further and help out every now and then ?

We need people to distribute leaflets, send letters, get legal advice, get financial advice, run our meetings, act as secretary, send emails, update our website, maintain our facebook page, talk to the press, raise funds, talk to the NHS, talk to councils. There’s so much that needs doing. EVERYONE YOUNG AND OLD CAN HELP IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT YOU KNOW, WHERE YOU ARE OR WHAT YOUR POLITICS ARE.

I can help with..

Go further? Join our team

We need help to run things. If you’really fired up about this, and can spend some more time, please come and meet the team. If you like us , join us.

I can help with..

Be a Fundraiser

To win our battle for a world class hospital in the centre of West Herts. will require us to commission top class professionals recognised and approved by NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care.

Later this year we launch a major fundraising campaign to meet these costs but to start the ball rolling we have formed a “100 Club” comprising 100 members, each donating £100.

Or maybe you just want to donate some money to help us run this thing.

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